Accelerate your Brokerage's Profits with Powerful FX Risk Management & Razor-Thin Liquidity Spreads

  • Powerful Hedging Strategies to Control Your Profit & Loss
  • European Regulated Liquidity
  • At-a-glance A-Book, B-Book, Nostro on one dashboard
  • Robust technology that simultaneously executes thousands of trades
  • 24/6 Professional Customer Service & Support
Risk Warning: Our service includes products that are traded on margin and carry a high degree of risk to your capital. You may lose part or all of your investment capital.
Please refer to the detailed risk warnings found at: LFS Risk Disclosure

LXRisk & LXCapital

Exceptional Risk Management & Liquidity for Exceptional Brokers

Brokers are constantly looking for new ways to rise above the competition and accommodate more client trades. We’re here to help. Leverate’s LXRisk is the first risk management platform solution of its kind to allow hedging via “Instant” as well as “Market” execution. Complete with multiple liquidity sources, LXRisk interfaces with an extensive, aggregated liquidity pool for STP execution or confirmation of trades. This guarantees you BBO execution with multiple liquidity sources including Prime brokers, Banks and ECNs (Electronic Communications Networks). Alternatively, LXRisk can confirm trades automatically in "B Book" against the same liquidity.

Diverse Top-Tier Liquidity with Ultra-thin Spreads

Best Bid Best Offer (BBO) Technology

Access diverse institutional-class liquidity that fuels your brokerage with the thinnest speads available via Leverate Financial Services' Best Bid Best Offer (BBO) technology, LXCapital. Our technology composits the best prices from a dozen top-tier sources into a lightening-fast real time stream for every order.

Strict European MiFID Regulation

LXCapital by Leverate Financial Services grants clients the transparency, security and many advantages of regulation. Our Prime Brokerage services and STP are in strict compliance with MiFID and licensed by CySEC (license 160/11).


Market Rates

Risk Management & Trade Execution

Use LXRisk's Powerful Hedging Strategies to Automate Your Dealing Room

Hedging Strategies
Set custom hedging strategies per instrument, group, amount trader and volume.

Hedging Behaviors
Set custom rules and conditions per each hedging strategy.

Unified Platform
One platform to manage ALL the Trading Servers

Understanding Exposure
At a glance you can fully understand your exposure to the market inside the P/L tab.

Base Currency
View your total exposure in base currency that empowers you to understand your actual exposure with far better accuracy.

Full overview in real-time of all of your clients' trades.

Supports A-Book, B-Book & Nostro
Manage A-Book, B-Book and Nostro from one centralized location.

Account Status
Displays your brokerage's true balance, equity, margin used and free margin, as well as your margin level.

Trade Coverage
Presents all vital data pertaining to trades placed directly against liquidity providers.

Top 5 Questions Every Broker Must Ask his Tech Provider

Always Ask Questions that May Reveal Underlying Conflicts of Interest
  1. True Ownership. Do your clients belong to you, or do they really belong to your technology provider?
  2. Conflict of Interest. Is your relationship with your technology provider a profitable one, or does the provider have a conflict of interest that affects your revenues?
  3. Technology & Innovation. Does your technology provider offer innovative technology to ensure you have a competitive edge?
  4. Bring Clients or Steal Clients. Will your technology provider use its industry connections to bring you clients, or is it really just another competitor in disguise?
  5. Proven Record of Success. Does your technology provider have a proven track record of delivering top-quality products and services?

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Leverate provides cutting-edge technological solutions for FX & CFD brokerages.
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White label retail Forex trading platforms for web, mobile & tablet with built-in seamless social trading features. Sirix boosts conversions and retention for Forex brokers.

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LXFeed is a robust ultra-low latency algorithmic Forex data feed with pinpoint precision that provides real-time data from more than 1,000 instruments from an extensive range of global financial exchanges.

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LXCRM is the most comprehensive tool imaginable at your fingertips for managing the everyday tasks of your online trading operation with ease and efficiency.

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LXCloud service minimizing your brokerage's risk, as all your data is automatically stored simultaneously within our two active data centers, located in london.

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For Forex and CFD brokers, Leverate offers its own in-house API (Application Programming Interface) solution, which can be easily integrated with the MT4 server.

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